Invitation from Nvidia – A look into the past, present and future of computing

An invitation was extended to Hardware Addicts to attend a meeting with Nvidia’s Vice President of Business Development Jeff Herbst. Of course we could not refuse such an offer.

Sitting down at the table with various guests and the representatives of Nvidia the meeting began.

Initially, Nvidia started on the hypothesis that the future of computing would be accelerated or graphics based, graphics processing units or GPUs at the time brought amazing performance at relatively low prices enabling a completely different experience of using computers. Nvidia recognized the potential hidden in their GPUs. The ability to perform multiple calculations and multiple operations in parallel has led the company over the years to focus heavily on ‘High Performance Computing’ leading of course to the establishment of AI (artificial intelligence).

Nvidia has grown into a huge and important company in the computing world and is now at the forefront of a new age, the age of AI. Continuing research and development over the years has made Nvidia a household name providing tools and platforms for a wide range of different developers and industries. Recently, the company has put more emphasis on AI and high performance computing and a little less concentration on the gamers. An example of this emphasis Nvidia has recently begun collaborating with Bosch and Daimler AG to develop taxi cabs without a driver; that will serve millions of people around the world. According to Nvidia, the project is advancing at an incredible rate, there are a few around the world that are already operating, and in the upcoming years we will see more autonomous vehicles entering the market .

Nvidia’s approach is that all the developments and chips in the world are worth nothing if no one knows how to use them. A few months ago, the company announced the GPU Grant Program, which enables students in universities around the world to study. This program runs parallel to the DLI or the full name ‘DEEP LEARNING INSTITUTE’, a program that allows learning and entering the world of artificial intelligence for a variety of fields, from basic studies of machine learning to medicine. These courses take place on the Internet through the Nvidia website and at the company's GTC conferences. This year there is a huge demand for these courses from Israelis, because of this Nvidia will operate in an expanded format and will allow more courses this year.

Jeff Herbst, credit: Nvidia

Since Nvidia’s first GTC conference in Israel, the company has found new inspiration and cooperation amongst Israel's great number of startups. Nvidia as a whole is taking a bright interest in Israel and its future. The GTC conference, which was held in October 2017, broke records and was beyond expectations. No one expected so much success from the company's first conference in Israel, which will return even bigger this year.

Following the success of the GTC, Nvidia has also opened offices in Israel, which employ hundreds of workers who are involved in a variety of fields to help support many companies in the Israeli industry.

Liron Freind Saadon, Director of Developer Relations at Nvidia Israel, talked about Nvidia's strategy and how they work with their customers. Nvidia works closely with a wide range of companies that deal with artificial intelligence from all aspects, from voice identification to medicine. In an interview, she said that ‘developers and companies are an integral part of R & D, their feedback, problems and solutions help improve and streamline the platforms Nvidia has to offer.’

Jeff Herbst went on to say it is amazing to see how a relatively small country with relatively low population size has had such a great influence bringing some of the most advanced developments in the world in so many different fields in the industry. Nvidia sees Israel as a technological power that directly affects the world despite its size and relatively small number of residents. Within the years, we may see Nvidia becoming more involved with Israel and who knows, maybe Nvidia’s next big announcements will take place right here.

As far as gaming is concerned, Nvidia is still leading the way and now utilizing AI in broadening game experience, we asked: "How will artificial intelligence and its variety of developments impact the world of gaming, how will it affect the future?" The answer is that AI is already a part of the gaming world, how we interact with a game and its graphics has been super accelerated in the last years. The work at Nvidia with GPUs and HPC has paved the way for a deeper, more realistic experience that can only continue to evolve as new platforms develop.

Excitement grows as GTC 2018 approaches, what will the future hold?

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